How do you say…in Arabic

Last update on 02/19/2014. Arabic learned: Standard and Spoken.   ***Note*** Point at something and use the phrase or mention the English term.   ENGLISH TEXT: How do you say…in Arabic?   STANDARD◄ كَيْفَ تَقُول ... بِالْعَرَبِيَّة؟ SPOKEN◄ ... More

In your opinion...What is your opinion?

In your opinion… What is your opinion in...? (to a female, to a group) Mixed text: (1) Standard Arabic (2) Spoken Arabic بِرَأيُك… / مَا رَأيُك فِي…؟ (رَأيُكِ؟ رَأيُكُم؟) بِرَأْيَك… / شو رأيك بـ...؟ (رأيك؟ رأيكن؟)   ... More

What is your name? I am pleased to meet you.

What is your name? Pleased to meet you. Mixed text: (1) Standard Arabic (2) Spoken Arabic مَا إِسْمُكَ؟ (إِسْمُكِ؟ إِسْمُكُم؟) تَشَرَّفْتُ (تَشَرَّفْنا) شُو إِسْمَك؟ (إِسْمِكْ؟. إِسِمْكُن؟) تشِرَّفْت (تشِرَّفْنا)   مَا   Play What ... More